Turn more of your users into customers.

I work with businesses who are positioned to grow, then help them match their digital presence with the quality of their personal and business value; through their website. This helps them turn more of their web traffic into paying customers

Why work with me?

Every project I start includes the following:

One-on-One Service & Education

Custom Solutions.
No Templates Used. Ever.


Brand Development

Increased Conversion Rate
= Increased Revenue

Return on Investment
Within 12 Months

Sales Funnel Development


K&L Interiors

A boutique Interior Design Agency based serving the Pacific Northwest.

Apex Law Group

A Business and Non-Profit centered law firm in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Radical Roots Herbs

Radical Roots is a unique lifestyle CBD brand that combines the power of full-spectrum hemp with Chinese medicine to solve physical ailments that hold us back in our daily lives.

Olson's Outdoor Improvements

Olson’s serves Seattle’s Eastside with custom-built decks, fence building and tree trimming services.

Fortuna PPS

A startup, in response to Covid-19, that sends customized PPE packages to businesses of all kinds.

Airey Benefits Company

A.B.C. is an employee benefits company dedicated to creating benefits packages that maximize employee retention and happiness.

Inger Johnson, L.Ac., EAMP

Inger is a Licensed Acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine Practitioner based in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.


What Can I Solve For You?

Responsive Web Design​

WordPress Development

Content Creation

The Mindful Web Design Process

During this initial meeting, I take the time to thoroughly understand the following topics as they relate to your business:

-Business Goals


-Pain Points

-Barriers to Growth

During this meeting we will lay the foundation for the entire project. This includes aligning closely on design direction and establishing a strategy for collaboration, moving forward. Before this meeting, a Slack account will be created to allow for screenshot sharing between both parties in order to show exact visual ideas of what is in-mind. Asana will be used for project management; all “to-do’s” for both parties will be created in Asana immediately after each Zoom meeting and the responsible party can update the task once it’s completed. Lastly, the frequency of meeting will be established here in order to keep the project on track.

Which tools are right for the job?

-Content-creation inspiration gathering

-Reverse engineering of top companies in the field

-Keyword Research

-Competitive analysis

-Laying the foundation of content structure (what goes where on the website, and in what order??)

-Create a wireframe foundation of website

-Asking: how will goals be reflected into design?

-Prototyping most important pages

-Begin user research

-Convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design

-Connect the web with all other forms of the organizations communication

-Visual style guide in place

-Final content pieces have been obtained

-All building materials, design decisions and Information Architecture have been finalized

-The planning is done, let the building begin

-Alignment prior to publishing

-Launch Plan Established

-Finishing edits completed during this meeting

-Fix any broken links

-Test every single link and page on the site

-Pop a bottle, dance around, tell your friends, celebrate!

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