Creating websites that increase conversions

A Unique approach to every customer

Businesses seeking a digital edge need “intentional” web marketing. Increasing a website’s effectiveness can only be done through improving the user experience. Let me show you how.


Web design

The heart and soul of what I do is building websites that help businesses close more deals. Nowadays, your online presence is the deciding factor in where your potential customers take their business.

web development

95% of sites on the web will do just fine with a WordPress site. This is for the businesses that need a fully custom build with all the bells and whistles.


Graphic Design

Sometimes it’s a facebook ad, sometimes it’s an email campaign, maybe you just need a logo for your business. Whatever your needs, I’ve got you covered.

Seo Ready

You know that old saying “if you build it, they will come”? Not so true when it comes to websites, that’s why I build websites with SEO built right in. So your business is findable.

Video Content

Studies show that people are reading less and skimming more while surfing the web. This highlights the importance of video content to capture attention and convey your story.

Digital Marketing

Because search engines may not be the only place you meet your clients. Maybe you have a pre-existing email list or Facebook Business following. Let’s leverage your other platforms to turn those followers into website traffic.

My Work



Increased Site Speed by 300%


Fully Custom Redesign


Built-in Sales Funnel


Updated & Organized Portfolio


Promotional Video Content


Increased online sales 10X

The core mind 


Lead Designer
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The Process.

The brandname says it all; Mindful Web Design. Every design decision is made with your companies vision and goals in mind. I prefer to take an intentional approach to design, making websites that are highly accessible, usable and aligning with both the user’s and business’ needs. This intentional design is not possible without an equally intentional process.


Planning and Strategy

Before we start thinking about style, it’s critical we take a deep dive into understanding your company and your audience. Learning the goals you have for the new website, and exploring the ways it can enhance your business, allows us to develop a conversion-focused experience. From that foundation we can build out the design to help guide visitors to those end goals.


Design and Develop

This is where it starts to really get fun. At this point, I have received all of a client’s content, including company images, branding, color palettes and content writing. With all of the information gathered in step one, the website is strategically designed, piece-by-piece. Along the way, there may be one or more check-in with the business owner to communicate design decisions and re-align.


Test And

After the web design process is completed we hold design to development hand-off meeting to review the final specifications and answer any final questions. We go over the front-end, things like animations, interactions, sticky elements as well as back-end build to ensure your custom WordPress theme will be a joy to update and maintain.

About ME

My name is Torrey. My career in Web Design began in 2018, after a 6-year career in the U.S. Navy as a qualified Nuclear Plant Electrical Technician. After this experience, I decided that I wanted to use my technical and creative skills to help businesses thrive. For me, web design is the perfect balance between the technical and creative realms.


In May of 2018, I built my first website, a small e-commerce site that I wouldn’t dare show-off now. Along the way, I’ve learned from mentors, colleagues, and have developed a majority of my skills from being self-taught. 


Today, I’m connecting with local business owners to accomplish a sole mission, to build lean websites that effectively educate customers and capture their leads, along with their trust. 

Moving forward...

I am working towards building a sustainable Digital Marketing agency. My 10-year vision is to employ a full staff that can handle anything from a website redesign for a local mom-and-pop shop, to the deployment of an enterprise level web application. Follow my journey and become apart of the process.