Case Study: Braven Metals

Project Type: Website Redesign

Braven Auto & Metals is the Northwest’s one-stop scrapyard and the go-to destination for car enthusiasts, professional mechanics, parts resellers, junk haulers and recyclers – and everyone in between. 

Project Collaborations

This opportunity was originally brought to us by Firmani + Associates, a storied PR Agency based in Seattle, Wa. Braven Metals had been their client for over a year prior to the inception of this website redesign. Firmani had performed services such as; a brand audit, sounding reports, client interviews and advertising. Along with improving their brand awareness, both parties knew that a new website would be necessary to optimize for all the new web traffic they’d be receiving. That’s where we came in.

Jaime Conlan
Jaime Conlan
Account Executive, Firmani + Associates
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"Mindful Web Design responded to my agency’s web needs quickly and exceeded our expectations! Torrey, the founder, is an incredible partner to work with. His eye for design and drive to meet client needs shines through in everything he does - from his well-defined process to check-in meetings and the final product. We’ve used Mindful Web on repeated projects for multiple clients at our agency due to his reliability, clear communication, and thoughtful creativity. Would highly recommend to anyone.."



The Problem

It was time for Braven Metals to grow. They had improved their brand, increased their local presence and enforced their workforce with more employees. They knew that, in order to dominate their local market and become the go-to scrapyard for local car enthusiasts and professionals, they needed to set themselves apart visually during that first interaction that takes place when a potential customer visits their website 

Our Solution

We proposed a website with multiple landing pages expanding on each of their mainstay services. This strategy was based on the goal of running separate advertising and awareness campaigns for each of their services individually. We prefer long-form landing pages so potential customers have access to all the information they need on a single page. This prevents users from bouncing between other pages of the website and getting distracted from the main call to action.

Custom Design Elements

A large part of our strategy is creating a visual design that captures your audience’s attention and sets your brand apart from your competitors in the first interaction. Here are a few design assets we created to set Braven’s website and brand apart visually. 

Background Gradient with Racing Stripe
Tire Tread Graphic
Custom Benefits Icons
Custom Monochrome Logos

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