Case Study:
PNW Sex Therapy Collective

Project Type: Website Redesign

PNW Sex Therapy Collective is a team of comprehensively trained and client-centered therapists who take sincere interest in helping people improve their connection to themselves, their sexuality, and their relationships with others.

Project Collaborations

Shaun An with Spike Interactive assisted in creating the hyperlocal SEO landing pages with the intent of raising PNW Sex Therapy‘s rank in Google search results. Since then Sean & Mia have invested in Spike Interactive’s ongoing monthly SEO plan to continuously dominate the search result rankings in the local area. 



The Problem

Sean & Mia have elevated PNW Sex Therapy to being the top sex therapy collective in the Greater Seattle area. The only problem was that their old website did not reflect this authority. The site was built on Squarespace and had a very basic layout and structure. Sean & Mia felt that the site did not do a great job of answering all of the questions potential clients have prior to choosing the right therapist. In addition, they wanted a system that would allow potential clients to differentiate the therapists from each other and choose the right one for them.

Our Solution

  • Create a new visual brand that will differentiate the company from its competitors. 
  • Create a custom employee directory that differentiates each therapist and communicates their personality & specialty. 
  • Build a content strategy that focuses on answering the top questions potential clients have before investing in their services. 

Custom Design Elements

A large part of our strategy is creating a visual design that captures your audience’s attention and sets your brand apart from your competitors in the first interaction. Here are a few design assets we created to set their website and brand apart visually. 

Hero Section Background
Benefits Section Icons
Custom Icons for Resources Page
Photo Shapes outlines & Accents

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